How to Excel at Poker


There is a common misconception that poker destroys an individual but the truth is that poker can actually be highly constructive. It teaches the gamer a number of important traits that are invaluable for life. These include: strong calculation skills, good mental arithmetic, patience, high observational skills and the ability to set aims.

In order to excel at poker you need to be able to concentrate on the cards in front of you and also pay close attention to your opponents’ behaviour. This will improve your social skills as you learn to watch for minor changes in demeanour and body language and can be a great help if you are working in law enforcement or another career that requires careful observation of others.

When playing a hand of poker you must be able to determine the strength of your opponent’s hand and decide whether or not to play back. This is where the observational skills you’ve developed in poker come into play. Observing your opponents’ bets and the size of their pots will help you to inflate the pot value with your strong hands and to keep them out of the pot with your weaker ones.

Lastly, poker requires you to be able to control your emotions and stay focused in the heat of the moment. This is a hugely useful skill to have as it can prevent you from making bad decisions and losing large sums of money in the long run.